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This Feeling Manchester TicketsThis Feeling Manchester Tickets

The UK's most rock 'n' roll night out heads into Manchester...

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Blackdog Ballroom

Slick and stylish this venue plays host to local and international talent as well as being open 16 hour days!

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Latest Clubs User Reviews

  • Satans Hollow
    The club absolutely reaks of sick, the floors are sticky, the toi...

    metalhead1990 on 25/06/2015 @ 20:01
  • Satans Hollow
    Watch out for the pack of hyenas at the door, they think they're ...

    abbaskhan on 16/05/2015 @ 02:43
  • Satans Hollow
    Nice club except the doorman, extremely rude and disrespectful. W...

    Stark1119 on 14/05/2015 @ 07:18
  • Totties
    Ok bit of a dive and girls eithe are ugly with boobs and if they ...

    Therinlies55 on 15/01/2015 @ 02:27
  • Totties
    Was here last night with the lads from work. It was ok to a point...

    Therinlies55 on 15/01/2015 @ 02:27